About Us

So, the Huggmee® Chair, a reading chair made in Phoenix, Arizona, was first marketed as a library chair for public, private, and school libraries, and then for other purposes as determined by interior designers. The Huggmee® Chair has been shipped to Alaska, New York, and in-between, and to Canada as far north as Mackenzie BC.  Our Canadian distributor is:  Carr McLean Ltd., in Toronto, Ontario.

How We Got Started

Peter Splingaerd designed the Huggmee® Chair, a very comfortable reading chair, for his own comfort while sitting in his home library chair.  He found it was always more comfortable to sit with one or both legs draped over the arm of a chair, so he designed this chair especially for drape-a-leg sitting.  He soon realized that, due to its unique shape, it was also a perfect and attractive corner chair.  And, as he showed it off to others, teenage girls flocked to sit in it, so he found it was also a great teen chair and dorm chair.  Much to his surprise, when he showed his Huggmee® Chair to some parents of autistic children, they told him it is the perfect autism chair, too, as autistic people like to fit snugly into chairs and feel securely enfolded. 

Our Mission

The makers of HUGGMEE® Chair designed this innovative and stylish chair with comfort at the forefront. When you purchase the HUGGMEE® Chair, you’ll see why it’s like no other chair you’ve ever sat in before!

Not only do teens love to hang out on this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, but grownups love it too. Adults love the chic sophistication of the HUGGMEE® Chair while using it as an accent piece for any room in the house!

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We look forward to hearing from you!

 INSTUTIONAL BUYERS ARE DIRECTED TO CALL ALICE AT (602) 373-7813 or email: alicea.wright@yahoo.com