To The HUGGMEE® Chair Company

The HUGGMEE® Chair Company is based in Phoenix, Arizona,

and was founded for the sole purpose of manufacturing, selling and distributing the most innovative chair available in the market, the HUGGMEE® Chair!

The HUGGMEE™ Chair was conceived of by Peter Splingaerd while reading a book in an armchair. Splingaerd noticed that it was always more comfortable to swing one leg over the arm of the chair. He wondered if a chair could be designed specifically for that sling-a-leg way of sitting. After careful and considerable research, the result was the HUGGMEE® Chair!

The novelty of this chair lies in the fact that no other chair has ever been designed to accommodate people who prefer to sling their leg over the arm of the chair, also known as sling-a-leg sitters.

Currently, HUGGMEE® Chairs are only available through this official website.

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The HUGGMEE® Chair was designed specifically for the sling-a-leg way of sitting,  as a way to accommodate those who prefer to sling their leg over the arm of the chair.

Chair Details

The HUGGMEE® Chair is great to use as a reading chair anywhere in your home, or to place in a cozy reading nook! It’s also great for fitting into small spaces or use as a corner chair.

The makers of HUGGMEE® Chair designed this innovative and stylish chair with comfort at the forefront. When you purchase the HUGGMEE® Chair, you’ll see why it’s like no other chair you’ve ever sat in before!

Not only do teens love to hang out on this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, but grownups love it too. Adults love the chic sophistication of the HUGGMEE® Chair while using it as an accent piece for any room in the house!

Whether you’re looking for simple or something that will make your home pop, HUGGMEE® Chairs come in a vast assortment of colors and fabrics. Or, you can even send us your own unique fabric at no added cost!